Can the frequency of channel be adjusted when FMOD is used for recording?

Hello everyone, I am trying to use FMOD recording and adding sound effects in real time during recording.I found that the effect of adjusting the channel frequency in the sound effect did not work.I want to know if FMOD recording supports this operation?

I was using the official record example fmodstudioapi11007android \ API \ lowlevel \ examples \ record.cpp,The following is my code snippet.

        Delay playback until our desired latency is reached.
    if (!channel && samplesRecorded >= adjustedLatency)
        result = system->playSound(sound, 0, false, &channel);
        // adjusting the channel frequency
        float speed;
        speed = speed * 0.8;

if you change the frequency of a sound that is playing a record buffer, then you will get the sound stuttering/skipping because the play cursor and the record cursor will catch up and pass each other. the record cursor should always be a fixed distance ahead of the play cursor.

So no, you can’t change it as the recording input is not changing frequency along side it.

A better approach might be to try and add a pitch shift DSP with Channel::addDSP which does not alter the play back cursor speed.