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Hi, I have, due to the way my project is built, 2 feature requests that travel over to Unreal Engine.

  1. Each channel has, when you click it, an option to set the channel frequency manually. It can be on some auto detect settings. It could be a knob Dial which still allows setting the value manually and is clamped to whatever fmod allows as max hz and 0hz would effectively disable the channel.

Alternatively: Make DSP’s allow emitting their desired frequency (which you can programm yourself in via a knob or so when creating a DSP plugin) which is then automatically processed to hear the DSP played back at the desired frequency.

  1. A way to determine the channel play order, eg. by settings id’s or some concrete way to do let your sounds playorder be deterministic. My purpose is very curious and may not affect any body else but maybe other people want to set parameters on an event after a specific channel (plugin inside of it) was processed, eg. to set an RPM parameter in the middle of the whole workflow or what not.

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Thank you for the suggestions. Could I get more info before I pass it on to the development team?

The Pitch Shifter effect may provide the behavior you are looking for:
This can be applied to individual tracks in Studio or the master track and then controlled in Unreal via Automation. A channels frequency can also be controlled via the API: FMOD Engine | Core API Reference - ChannelControl::setPitch. If I am misunderstanding, please let me know and if possible provide a use case for this functionality.

You may be looking for a Command instrument as it can set parameters when triggered. Again, please let me know if I am misunderstanding.

Hope this helps!

  1. Uhm with frequency i mean the sample rate. If i understand it right the pitch shifter is more an effect, where you set an octave multiplier and the math is different than just resampling the audio!? furthermore, converting a given sample rate via this pitch shifter, like 21khz to 48khz, or whatever is the current outputrate of fmod, is quite inconvenient i would say. The thing is, in can easily programmatically set the frequency in unreal manually now, but important to me is monitoring the audio also in the fmod studio app, that would additionally remove the programmatic way in unreal. So just typing in the sample rate the channel should play at would be great.

  • say i have two channels in an event.
  • in one channel i have a dsp which outputs data that sets parameters on the 2nd channel.
  • the second channel contains just pure sounds.
    → so i must guarantee the dsp plays 1st before the 2nd channel plays which uses the updated parameters.

best regards :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information.

I will pass this on to our development team to look into further.

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Can I confirm, in this context when you reference channel:

In Studio are you referencing the Audio tracks?

Hi Connor,
yes, that works too!

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Thanks, what is the specific use case you have for this feature? So that you can monitor the frequency changes in Studio rather than just in UE after changing it via the API?

Would the instrument pitch shifter work in this situation?

In my case I am talking specifically about engine sounds. I play back DSP’s along with normal sounds (looped samples).

I drag and drop audio files into the DSP that have various sample rates. It is not possible to me to hear the dsp play back at that sample rate without implementing another resampling algo myself when FMOD already has this inbuilt :slight_smile:

In this video the input value (Rpm) for both channels is the same but the audio is automatically resampled whereas the DSP either has to be resampled internally or I must set the samplerate programmatically at runtime.

Ps.: I tried the pitch shifter but it is not possible to get it right with it, it is most often slightly out of sync.

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Thank you for the video. I have passed all this information to our development team. I may be back for more details, thank you!

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