Cannot compile UE project due to fmod related error

Hi! After upgrading our project to UE 4.7 and FMOD plugin to the latest release I cannot compile the project in “Development” or “DebugGame” configurations in visual studio. “Development Editor” and “DebugGame Editor” both work fine. The compile error seems to have something to do with FMOD but I couldn’t figure it out. What do?

Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “void __cdecl FMODUtils::LogError(enum FMOD_RESULT,char const *)” (?LogError@FMODUtils@@YAXW4FMOD_RESULT@@PEBD@Z) referenced in function “public: virtual void __cdecl FFMODStudioOculusModule::OnInitialize(void)” (?OnInitialize@FFMODStudioOculusModule@@UEAAXXZ) C:\Users\kat13smikkon\Desktop\AncestoryP4\Ancestory\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\FMODStudioOculus-Static.lib(FMODStudioOculusModule.cpp.obj) Ancestory

Looks like our build process produced a stale library that had a link to that function. We’re packaging up a new build and I’ll double check that it doesn’t have this problem.