Cannot play FMOD events in package build


I’ve done all the deployment stuff required for make FMOD works.
I’ve put FMOD source inside my game project so I can debug it.
In editor all works, but if I debug a Development game version (with coocked content) all FMOD module startup and bank loading is ok, but, everytime I call a FMODAudioComponent SetEvent from blueprint, in c++ code I receive a NULL as input event… . …!!

What the heck is happening?

UE4 4.10.2, fmod 1.07.05

I’ve done some experiments…
Situation: I have a FMODAudioComponent in my pawn with an actorcomponent attached, named AudioKit, that get and use it.

  • If I select the FMODEvent inside the component and do Play on it, it works in editor and in packaged build too
  • If I don’t set any FMODEvent inside the audio component (none) and inside AudioKit do SetEvent and Play it sounds inside the editor BUT it doesn’t in packaged build

Am I missing something or it should works in both ways?

I’ll check this out and get back to you.

I can’t reproduce what you describe. Could you contact with a small example project that demonstrates the problem?

From the description, I’m not sure I follow how your case of AudioKit component is setting the FMODEvent into the FMODAudioComponent and why that wouldn’t work in the packaged build.

I’ve found one issue that can cause missing FMOD asset references. The sample C++ projects often have the following code in the game mode constructor:

static ConstructorHelpers::FClassFinder<APawn> PlayerPawnClassFinder(TEXT("/Game/FirstPersonCPP/Blueprints/FirstPersonCharacter"));

That line serializes the blueprint way before any other initialization step, including the FMOD plugin initialization. The Unreal engine will then silently fail to serialize FMOD and leave the references as undefined in the packaged game.

To fix it, you can initialize FMOD first, just above that line:


In order for that to work you’ll also want to #include “FMODStudioModule.h” in that file, and make sure FMODStudio is in the list of referenced projects in the game’s build.cs file.