Can't adjust FMOD volume through settings in cooked game.


We’re trying to set up a settings menu to allow players to adjust music/effects volume, which are handled by FMOD. Among other things, we’ve set up a blueprint which detects events sent by settings slider change and adjusts FMOD bus fader level:

The volume change works perfectly when the game is run through Unreal editor, but does not work in standalone game, despite slider adjustements there’s no change in volume. Are we missing something?

Unreal Engine version 4.9 (we can’t upgrade atm as we’re close to release), FMOD plugin version 1.08.00.

Hi, did you manage to solve this problem? I’m going through the exact same problem in my project, with UE 4.19 and Fmod 1.10.05.

It must have something to do with the what’s inside the Get Volume functions.
I am able to change fader levels in a cooked standalone game.