Can't change the 'Play Event' parameter on the Studio Event Emitter in Unity

I’m trying to link an event to a Game object in Unity 5.4. I’m adding the Studio Event Emitter component, but I can’t change neither the ‘Play Event’ or the ‘Stop Event’. Both are set in ‘None’ and every time I try to change the parameter I have this “NullReferenceException” error popping up on the console. I’m not a programmer so I really don’t know how to fix that. Please help :frowning:

Update: I’ve read in another thread how to set the Studio Listener on the Main Camera first could solve this problem. I’ve try it, but there’s no change.

Console message on Unity

Ok people, it was a noob problem. First you have to select an event on the ‘Event’ box. THEN you choose how to play and stop the event :smiley: