Can't find the polyphony controls in FMOD studio

Hey, could anybody tell me how to add or find the polyphony controls in FMOD Studio.

I can find the place where they seem to be in the manual, but the polyphony controls aren’t there by default and I can’t figure out how to add them.


The polyphony controls are always present in the macro controls of every event, but the macro controls can be hard to find if you don’t know how.

Select your event, and look at the Deck - and more specifically, look at the tab at the top-right corner of the Deck. See how it has a little grey shape at the right edge? Click on that, and the event macro controls will be revealed.

We’re planning to make the event macro controls easier to access eventually, but it’ll take us a while to get there… There’s a lot of other improvements and features that are higher on our to-do list.

Thanks! I found it. I didn’t even realize I could click on that :slight_smile:

Holy crap I came here because I was looking for the same thing, and it’s 9 months later.

If I may say so, this really calls for a clearer visual design of this part of the interface. It’s way to counter-intuitive this way.

You may, and we’ve already made plans to improve it. Unfortunately, it’s just one of many improvements we’ve needed to make; We’ll get to it eventually, but not before a few other things.