Can't preview sounds in audio tables

I create Audio table in bank, point it to source directory, all files is here with their keys - but it is impossible to preview audio file in a table. When I select a line with key/Audio File, it has red background. Open in External Sample Editor works, but is there any way to listen files in a table directly in Studio?
Also I can’t hear them assigned to a Programmer Sound inside an event, nor via Play, nor inside playlist (there is also no any preview)

There is, at present, no way to audition the files in an audio table in FMOD Studio. I have added this feature to our feature tracker, and it will be discussed and potentially scheduled for development at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.

Note that it is possible to assign a placeholder sound to a programmer sound module by clicking and dragging a sound file onto the programmer sound module’s representation in the deck. This placeholder sound file will not be built into any bank and will not appear in your game, but will play back when the programmer sound module is triggered, which is useful for auditioning and mixing in Studio.


Thanks for reporting the bug. It appears the auditioning of the audio files in the Audio Table view is broken in 1.08.02. We have fixed the issue for the next patch release and you should be able to playback the selected audio table entry using the auditioning UI in the Audio Table view.


May i ask if this has been improved?

The issue should be fixed in 1.08.03 and above.