Certain sounds not playing when initializing all sounds

We’re making a racing game and we are trying to debug why our car engine sounds sometimes don’t play after loading into the game. It doesn’t happpen all the time but often enough that it’s becoming a problem for us.

Basically when you load into our game, the car engine sound sometimes just isn’t playing. When we load into the next race stage, we re-initialze all the sounds and the engine sound will come back. It’s only an issue for our engine sounds. All other sounds work as they should.

We’d love some advice as to where to start looking or how to debug.



To start with, I would recommend checking the output log for any FMOD errors or warnings. You should also set your logging level “LEVEL LOG” to Project Settings → FMOD Studio, which will provide general logging info from the API, and add the -LogCmds="LogFMOD verbose" to the Unreal Editor’s command line, which will provide more info from the FMOD Unreal integration. If you can provide me with the output log where the issue occurs, I should be able to help diagnose the problem.

Additionally, most FMOD API functions return a result - If you’re making calls to the FMOD Studio and Core API from code, you can wrap those calls with a logging function will help you see which ones are failing.