Sometimes events just don't play

Now that it is working, I’m running for into a different issue. Every so often, events just won’t play. Even very simply implemented events. It seems random. Using Studio 2.1, UE4.25.3 and the FMOD 4.25 integration (unfortunately on Catalina for this particular project).

Anyone else experiencing this?

Do you get any error when sounds don’t play?
Is anything else playing at the same time?

I’m afraid not. Just silence. Nothing is muted or anything in Studio when I build my banks. And most of my audio works. It’s just an occasional sound that seems to come over as silence. The events are visible, in the sense that I can see and use them in the editor. I’d say this has happened about one in twenty or so sounds.

I’d suggest connecting the FMOD Studio profiler to your game to diagnose what’s happening. Look at the lifespans view to ensure the Events are triggering, check the levels to ensure they are audible, check voices to ensure they aren’t going virtual.

I have the same problem on occasion and have nailed it down to two problems:
events doesn’t play and/or plays late because they are not even loaded yet.
The other problem is that they are playing but they are inaudible and this is usually solved by fiddling of a spatilizer, some sort of parameter or voice stealing. IF the event is actually not playing and it should it should throw some sort of error-message somewhere, check your message log for any errors and/or warnings.

A playing event in fmod doesn’t need to be audible in order to be “playing”.
Confusing language I know.

Thanks for responding. Nothing in the log to suggest anything is wrong, and they can coexist in levels with other scripted and ambient FMOD sounds that include attenuation. Some of the sounds are even 2D. It hasn’t happened a lot, but it’s happened enough for me to notice. My assets are all proper levels, and I maintain very good gain structure through FMOD. :man_shrugging:

We can’t recall ever seeing a case where events don’t play for no reason. Have you tried @mathew’s suggestion of connecting the profiler to see if that sheds any light on what’s happening?

There are features of the UE4 integration which could play a part in making a playing event inaudible. The Occlusion Parameter, Ambient Volume Parameter and Ambient LPF Parameter settings in the UE4 project settings will automatically drive the values of corresponding FMOD Studio event parameters, which may in turn affect the audibility of events. These effects would occur for 2D as well as 3D events. You should be able to observe any such effects in the profiler.

If the profiler doesn’t reveal anything useful you could try to create a minimal reproduction of the issue by modifying one of our API examples to load and play the same events. It would help to narrow down whether the issue is likely to be related to using FMOD from UE4 and if the issue can be reproduced outside UE4 it is often much quicker to investigate that way.

Is this still an issue for you? If you have any additional information we can investigate further.