Changing BPM within nested event doesn't affect callbacks

Hi! I’m using FMOD for a rhythm game. I have several events that I want to switch between, which have different BPM each. I made a master event for all of this that through some logic switches between these different songs (using nested events). Unfortunately, setting the BPM inside the nested event doesn’t change the BPM of the master event.

Is there any way around this, other than setting the BPM manually for each used nested event in the master event? Alternative I’m seeing (though will require a lot of rewriting), is to have separate events instead and switch through those using code in unity.

As of the time of writing (October of 2023), BPM is a property of the timeline, and each event instance has its own timeline instance. There is no way for two different event instances to share the same timeline, and no way for one event instance to set the BPM of a different event instance’s timeline - even if one of those event instances was triggered by an event instrument in the other event instance.

Have you considered working entirely on the timeline of a single event? FMOD Studio supports changing tempo within a single event instance, so if you put all of your assets into a single event you’d be able to transition between them and change tempo without problems.

I have, that’s what I was doing till now actually, but I realized I need to support mods/dlcs and thus be able to load additional music events.

It’s shame I can’t do complex transitions this way but it’s the thing I’m willing to sacrifice.

I solved it for now by creating a music manager that keeps two event instances, queues music to the unused one and cross fades between them. Seems to be working.

One thing that I noticed while coding is NESTED_TIMELINE_BEAT (or something like that) callback. I haven’t explored it further but it might be what I was looking for originally