Channel priority and vol0 virtual

hi Mathew
i had use FMOD_INIT_VOL0_BECOMES_VIRTUAL in system init and allocate 0.01 to it.But when I use FMOD_Channel_setPriority make some channel priority to high, i see the channels always real channel though the audibility is 0,lower priority channel never chance stolen real channel.if i need a high priority be stolen by those with a lower priority when it in audibility is 0, what shall i do?

I see different expressions in the developer’s documentation, so I’m a little confused

Firstly the priority system is a bucket list, i.e. all sounds in a lower priority grouping will go virtual before any in a higher grouping go virtual. The vol0 virtual flag will make any sound below your specified threshold go virtual regardless of priority unless the priority is set to 0 (highest), that special priority ensure a sound never goes virtual.

Thank you, Mathew. I got it.