BUG: tracks desync caused by 0dB virtualization

We have a VCA for the UI, that controls the master volume ; if I lower it to 0 dB in game, then increase it back, a desynchronisation occurs between my tracks (which are streamed sync instruments). The problem resolves by itself at the next loop. I guess this is caused by the 0dB virtualization option. Is it a known and normal problem?

EDIT: I just found out this post saying the events should be on highest priority to not be stolen by the 0 dB virtualization option. However, my master music event was already set on highest. It calls a nested event, which calls itself a nested event (which actually contains the music) : both sub-events were set to medium (I think). But I thought the event priority were propagating from the parent to nested events, isn’t it?
At the moment, I’m not able to reproduce the issue anymore, hum…

This (and the fact that setting event priority didn’t affect behavior) suggests that the synchronization may have been caused by something other than the vol0virtual behavior.

Unfortunately, without more information, there’s no way for us to identify the cause of the issue. If you manage to discover a reliable method of reproducing the behavior, please let us know.