Chases and Built- in Parameter Speed relative

Hi all,

I´m trying to make a sound design to a police chase in the style of GTA. The idea is to manipulate the siren police sound depending on the speed and proximity (by a 3D event) of the police car to the player.

After reading the documentation i´ve come to the conclusion the speed relative parameter should fit in the project.

I think I´ve managed to figure out how this could work by adding a speed relative parameter and a automation in volume, so If emitter (police) and listener (player) run with the same speed, volume will remain stable ,the bigger the value of the parameter the lower the volume of the track.

My doubts are:
1.- Is this the proper way to use speed relative parameters?
2.- If not, what is the proper way to use this type of parameters?.

Thank you in advance.

Why do you bother with relative speed to automate volume? The volume should only depend on the relative distance between the event and the listener (which is moving with the player, right?). The spatializer effect should take care of this without doing anything else.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Yes, the intention is when the police goes faster than the player (the police car is closer so the siren volumen is closer and viceversa) , when going at the same speed the parameter value is 0 and no change in sound is produced.
So, in short, i´d like the speed difference between emitter and listener to have an impact in the siren sound so i thought about the speed relative parameter.

Thing is i´ve tried to manipulate the parameter in order to test the sound effect out, but it did nothing (no change in the sound, no matter the value of the parameter), so i assumed it could be linked to automations, but probably the approach is incorrect.

Maybe the real effect of the parameter can be experienced in Unity or UE…

How would be the right approach to built-in speed relative parameters?

I still don’t get why you don’t only use relative distance instead.

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I thought speed parameters were the right ones to use in events related to speed… :sweat_smile:

So what´s the use of speed parameters? For racing situations?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Anything you could imagine. Maybe for instance the sound of the air friction, relatively to the speed?

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