Click when changing Reverb Extent in FMOD Studio [2.02.10]


I was trying changing Extent in Panner on a Return Bus that has a Reverb effect on it. However, I discovered that when I’m changing the Extent on it, there’s a weird click sound when going from 360 to 358.

If I put reverb effect on a different group and change Extent of that group, everything is ok.
If I put reverb effect in the event and change Extent of the event, everything is ok.

It seems that the only problem is with Reverb Effect on Return Bus in Mixer.

What’s THE MOST WEIRDEST is that when I put Automation on Extent, everything is working perfectly and there’s no clicking when changing Extent.

In a way, I found a workaround, but wanted to share this weird glitch in FMOD Studio with you. :wink:

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Thank you very much for the video, it was super useful!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and providing a workaround! I will pass it on to our development team to look into further.