Combine multiple DSPs on a sound at the same time?

Hi, Sorry for my poor English. I want to combine multiple DSPs to get a new unique sound. How can I achieve this? Please help me out?

Jitendra Singh

if you dont care if they are all in a line, like


then just use Channel::addDSP to add one in front of another.

If you are interested in more of a graph connection, use Channel::getDSP and DSP::addInput

You play the root of your graph with System::playDSP if you want, and build a small tree from there.

Thanks for replying sir… Sir I didn’t get you properly, can you please give a sort example to combine highpass or lowpass dsp?

if you look in the examples folder of the low level api there are several examples that use getDSP/addDSP/addInput

which dsp is used by channel to play in this example. Can you figure it out?