combining FMOD projects

I’ve got a project I’m working on where the composer and I will be working in two different FMOD Studio files, and I’m looking for suggestions on how to combine them at various points in development. (I’ve pushed to have the two of us working on the same file with FMOD’s built in source control, but the decision is basically out of my hands).

My understanding is that events are pretty easy to copy from one Studio project to another, but mixing/routing information is tricky. I tried copying a test event that had a send on it from one project to another and I was prompted to generate a return in the new project to match the one used by the original, but the generated return did not include any of the effects that had been on the original. Obviously, having to manually recreate all the effect settings on some number of copied return channels is a hassle we’d want to avoid. Are there any known solutions/workarounds anyone has used to achieve this kind of project sharing?

If the only solutions are really time-consuming I may be able to convince the relevant parties that sharing a project via source control is the only way, but I’d love to know what possibilities are out there.