Command instrument not quantising to quarter note

I have a kit in my timeline is triggered by a parameter and I have a lead-in that I want to play before the kit starts playing every time the kit meets the trigger condition. I’ve experimented with command instruments and quantisation but I can’t figure out how to achieve this.

I’ve managed to get extremely close to what I wanted to achieve, and added a lead out event. However, the Kit Lead In and Kit Lead Out events don’t perfectly line up with the beat when transitioning. I’ve made sure to quantise both the command instruments and the magnet regions, but no luck.

It’s as though the common instrument is flat out ignoring the quantisation. I’ve tested it with just about every value and it doesn’t change anything. In addition, the transition between the two magnet regions doesn’t occur during the loop transition timeline.

Command instruments cannot do this.

Quantization relies upon a timeline, and each event instance has its own timeline. You are using command instruments to spawn new event instances, which will have their own timelines, rather than using the timeline of the parent event. As such, the content of such spawned event instances cannot be quantized to the timeline of the parent event.

You may get better results by using event instruments rather than command instruments, as nested events will be able to take advantage of our scheduling system; however, the best possible results would come from placing the content of your nested events directly inside the parent event.

That’s entirely expected: You cannot enter a transition while already inside another transition. If you want to be able to transition while playing the content inside your loop region’s transition timeline, you will have to reconstruct that content outside of any transition timeline, perhaps by replacing the your loop region with a transition marker to a distant part of the timeline.