Delay not working for command instruments?

I am trying to use delays for command instruments, but it seems like it does not work. If I e.g. use a command instrument to set a parameter to 1 and that parameter trigs an instrument, I hear the intsrument play as soon as the playhead hits the command instrument, even though I put a 2 second delay interval on it.

Is this a bug?


Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on the latest release (2.02.17), or 2.02.03, which you said you’ve used in a previous post.

On further testing, I’ve been able to reproduce an issue similar to what you’re describing, but only when playing a command instrument on one parameter sheet and moving the cursor/parameter value off the command instrument.

Could you please provide your FMOD Studio version, as well as some more details on where you’re observing this issue (parameter sheets, timeline, etc.) and a simple list of steps that consistently reproduces the issue for you?

Hi Louis.

I found out when it is happening:

  • You have a looping event with a command instrument set to “Set Parameter” filling up the entire loop
  • The command instrument should have a trigger condition so it only plays when another parameter is set to e.g. 1

In this case the delay does not work. Did that make sense?

I am on 2.02.12 btw

Thanks for the additional information, that does makes sense. To clarify, are you observing that the delay is ignored at all/any points in timeline region the command instrument occupies? Or is it only when the end of the loop is reached, and as a result the command instrument untriggers and then retriggers?

The delay is ignored any time in the timeline when the command istrument is trigged by setting a parameter

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