Quantisation settings based on another events tempo

Hi! I wonder, mostly out of curiosity, if it’s possible to use quantisation settings based on another events tempo.

The use case would be to sync an event with the music’s tempo, so that it is slightly delayed to play at the next beat. Is there any sane way to do that within Fmod? I imagine that it could be useful for rhythm based games, especially if you use a higher note values and for sounds that doesn’t need to be 100% responsive.

It is possible to quantize an event such that it starts only on specific beats or bars of another event, with some caveats.

An instrument or logic marker can only be quantized based on the timeline and tempo of the event instance that contains that instrument or logic marker. It is not possible to quantize an instrument or marker to the timeline of a different event or event instance. This means that if you want to quantize “Event A” to begin playing only on certain beats or bars of a playing instance of “Event B,” “Event A” must be spawned by an event instrument in “Event B,” or a “start event” command instrument in “Event B.”

It is not possible, however, to make instruments in one event be quantized to the timeline and tempo of another event.