Compile issues with BWF metada in dialogue wavs

We’re using an internal dialogue system in our games that supports localization (languages). The dialogue assets are provided as .wav files in a language specific folder, and we use the FMOD command line API to compile/encode the wavs to the platform specific format.

Earlier on it turned out that the compiler cannot handle 24 bit wavs, so we had to make them all 16 bit. Now it’s also turned out that if there’s a BWF metadata chunk in the wav file, the compiler may refuse the file with an error. I need to strip the BWF chunks from the wavs to make them compile.

Is there something in the FMOD command line API that would have problems with this or should we take a closer look at our own compiler?

FMOD Studio itself can import 24-bit wavs with BWF chunks just fine.

Thanks for raising this.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce any issue building a 24-bit WAV file including a BWF metadata chunk to an FSB using our fsbankcl.exe utility.

Can you confirm that that is what you were attempting to do, or do you mean something else when you say you’re using the FMOD command line API to encode the wavs?

If that is what you are attempting to do and it’s not working could you please send an example WAV file that exhibits the problem to along with the exact command line you are using so that we can test directly.