Compressor Gain question

Im either finding some unusual behavior with the Compressor Gain parameter in FMOD (placed on the Master Bus), or Im just misunderstanding the data flow/gain staging. I would assume that the Gain control is output or makeup gain, but when its increased, Im getting more compression occurring, which tells me this is an input gain. Is this correct? If so, it might make sense to label it as such, as well as place it on the left hand side of the GUI rather then the right. It would also be great if you added an output/make up gain after the compression occurs, as this is a bit more useful in most applications.


Hi JL,
Its definitely makeup gain, this is from the programmer API doc about the parameter.

FMOD_DSP_COMPRESSOR_GAINMAKEUP, /* (Type:float) - Make-up gain (dB) applied after limiting, in the range from 0 through 30. Default = 0. */

Just looking at the code, it is the last multiply to happen to the sample, after it has been retrieved and shaped from the input or sidechain

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OK, thanks for clarifying Brett. Im definitely hearing the compressor hitting harder on the Master Bus when I crank up the Gain all the way, but Im not seeing any more gain reduction on the compressor meters, so Im still a little confused. Maybe this is a built in limiter or compressor in UE4.10 or something? If anyone else running UE4.10 is able to test this out to try and help me demystify this issue, that would be great. I can provide a video of what Im hearing if that helps. Thanks!

OK, looking into this a little more, I think its occurring somewhere else in the chain after FMOD, so not to worry. I’ll update when I manage to find the source of the problem.


Hi Jesse, sounds good, let me know what you find.