Hearing Compressor pumping on Master Bus after updating to 1.07.03/UE4.10

We have just upgraded to UE4.10 and FMOD 1.07.03, and Im hearing a compressor pumping on the Master without any compressor actually being present on that bus. I did have one enabled some time ago before we updated, but it has since been removed. Any ideas?

That sounds unusual. Double check you don’t have old banks in your game\content\FMOD\Desktop directory, manually deleting them if you need to and re-exporting from Studio.

Try recording a profile session. To that, run PIE in the unreal editor, then connect in FMOD Studio, open up a profile window and record.

You should be able to hear the recording and also while you are connected you can see the levels of the mixer. If you have a repro that you can hear in the profile session, you can contact support@fmod.com and we can have a look at it and see what is going on.

This issue seems to have gone away, not too sure what was causing it, maybe bad data. I am noticing some strangeness when adding a compressor on the master bus though. It seems like boosting the gain actually increases the signal going into the compressor. I can hear it pumping harder, and see more level on the compressor meter temporarily when raising the compressor gain. Is this an input gain? Id expect this to be a makeup gain on the output of the compressor.

I’ve noticed the same thing in V1.07 Studio today, it’s like there’s a compressor with a slow release on the master buss (or HDR).

I had a rev-band, and aero playing. As I make the aero louder in sandbox, the engine started getting quieter. Quickly reduce the volume of the aero and the revband climbs back up in volume.

Hey Mark! Nice to see you here.

Although Im sorry to hear you’re also seeing this issue, it is nice to hear I wasent going crazy. Oddly, it seems to have gone away for me now, so Im not sure if I just had some bad data, or there was something else going on in the chain I was unaware of. If I find out more info, I will share.

Hey Jesse, how are you mate!!!

Well this is a very basic project which started out as an fmod designer rev band and then imported to Studio. I can’t see anything untoward but for sure, a violent air buffet makes the engine pump if you increase the air to -8db with the engine at -11db. Very odd.

Since no one has given the definitive answer yet. The gain setting is a makeup gain.

If anybody has a project that demonstrates the problem, I would appreciate contacting support@fmod.com to try to track it down.