Concurrently Using Multiple Projects

Hey guys :smiley:

Consider a situation where we have a single server running FMOD system, and multiple client applications each running their own content concurrently. The client applications will be developed by multiple third parties.

The ideal workflow would be to have each client application have their own project, where we can load each client’s banks and play each client’s content through the one FMOD system on the server. We would want to use the audio data, event data and mixer bus data from each individual client’s projects and run them all through one master bus on the server…

Currently it seems we would have conflicts with each separate project’s master bank - am I understanding that correctly?

Is the above scenario possible? If not what exactly is the blocker, and if so, how would that work?

Thanks in advance, love your work! <3

Hi Liam, fancy meeting you here.

The above system should work as long as everyone’s projects have the same master bus in the mixer. You can do this by having an empty or skeleton project that is then shared (copied) to all the client computers. As long as the server has loaded the master bank (re: master bus) of the same project then you can add new banks created from the client projects.

With this setup, you will need to use GUIDs to reference events since the strings bank will not contain the path names of the new banks’ events.


Just to add to the above - you can load as many master bank.strings bank files as you need. So for each new set of banks from each client computer, you will also need the strings bank file too so you can reference events by their path.