Multiple projects

Can I run multiple banks if I create a system for each bank? Is there any work around?

This is a large issue for us because we were planing on letting users modify there sounds.


Studio supports multiple banks per project. There is no need to create a system for each bank. Just call Studio::System::loadBankFile() as many times as you need.

One reason you might want to create another system is to load banks that came from a different Studio project. Is that what you are trying to do?

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Is there any other work around to load multiple projects into one system? I.E. have some type of frame work project that dosn’t change , then only be able to add events and sound files?


Yes, I think that would work. The main issue is the global mixer. If you distribute a framework project containing just the mixer (master bus, group buses, and vcas), then users should be able to create their own events and assign them to their own banks. The main limitation is that they are not allowed to touch the mixer, other than to assign their events to an existing bus. Specifically, they can’t create a new bus or edit an exiting bus.

We have plans to improve Studio’s support for DLC and UGC (user generated content) in a future release. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any specific requirements, and we’ll be sure to factor them in to our designs.

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Hello, can i use different banks from different projects? i lose the .fspro and i need to add some sounds,thanks in advance

Studio does not support mixing banks from different projects. Instead, the idea is to have a single project per game, which may define multiple banks.

If you have deleted the root .fspro file of your project, it’s not too hard to recreate that. But if you are saying that you have lost the entire Studio project, then I am afraid you are out of luck. You’ll need to restore the project from your backups.