How to load mutiple banks from different FMOD project in a game?

Hi, I’d like to use content from multiple banks that created from multiple different project.
How cand I do this?
Thanks in advance!

You can’t do this, as FMOD Studio does not support it. Instead, we recommend copying the content from your multiple projects into a single project, and then building multiple banks from that project.

Using banks from multiple different projects is not supported because each project has its own mixer. Many of FMOD Studio’s features depend on using a single unified mixer to mix all events, so allowing multiple separate mixers would break most of FMOD Studio’s functionality.

If you are interested in supporting downloadable content and user-generated content that is created after your game’s initial release, you can read about how to create such content using your existing FMOD Studio project as a basis in the Supporting Downloadable and User-generated Content chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual.

The issue I have is there is one group doing the SFX work another doing music and I’d love them to be able to work in their own projects and then emit different banks. I understand why this isn’t possible but it would be a great feature. Currently they work in their own projects and I have to hand copy over the new events into a main project. It’s error prone and extra work.

Why not just use one of our source control integrations? They’re designed for exactly the kind of collaboration you describe.

Information about our source control integrations can be found in our documentation.

Because they don’t work. SVN is painfully slow. FMOD spends minutes trying to sync when nothing has changed. I’ve posted questions about this in the past.