Confusion about DSP Type

(wenyu) #1

I want to add some DSP types in my code,but I do not know how it plays.
eg.When I add EQ and LOWPASS DSPtype,then how it plays? First Process EQ data, and base on EQ effect to process lowpass type ,or not?
Anyone can help me?

(Cameron Baron) #2

When you add a DSP to a channel, you also need to specify an index offset to add this DSP unit at in the DSP chain. This determines the order that the DSP’s are processed in.

(wenyu) #3

Thank you very much.I have another question,when I load DSP Plugin such as fmod_noise.dll and fmod_gain.dll to play a song,there is no voice at all.Anything wrong with thes dlls?

(Cameron Baron) #4

Refer to