could not compile in xcode 6 with arm64 architecture

Working well in xcode 32-bit architecture. If i had arm64 architecture into the project it shows the following error
linked command failed with exit xcode 1
ignoring file /Users/edward/Documents/selva/projects/IAmThatIAmV3.0/api/lib/libfmodexL_iphonesimulator.a, file was built for archive which is not the architecture being linked (x86_64): /Users/edward/Documents/selva/projects/IAmThatIAmV3.0/api/lib/libfmodexL_iphonesimulator.a
Please help me .Thanks in advance.

arm64 can only be used for devices and x86_64 can only be used for the simulator. It looks like the two may be mixed up in your project? Can you confirm?

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Thanks for your reply
I am sorry, I could not understand what you meant and I am new to iOS development. Could you please explain little more.

In my project I have set the Architectures like as follows

Architectures : Standard Architectures (armv7, arm64)
Valid Architectures : armv7, arm64

Does FMOD Framework support 64-bit architecture in ios

Yes, FMOD supports 64bit on iOS. Make sure you are linking the “_iphoneos” library not the “_iphonesimulator” library when compiling for the device.

Thank you, but i do not know where to give the link
I have the following files inside my project folder …/project/api/lib libfmodexL_iphoneos.a,libfmodexL_iphonesimulator.a,libfmodex_iphoneos.a,
which file should i choose and where should i give the link?
I am using the latest os yosemite.

Working well in iphone.
what should i do to run in simulator?

When linking the FMOD library you can use -lfmod_$PLATFORM_NAME the variable $PLATFORM_NAME will resolve to “iphoneos” when building for the device and “iphonesimulator” when building for the simulator.

I use -lfmod_$PLATFORM_NAME only but it is not working.