Crash on android

(jiangli) #1

My App crashed on Android.
And the stack frame is here:
00 pc 0006daec /data/app/com.tencent.tmgp.xxsy-1/lib/arm/ [armeabi-v7a]

Where can I find the full symbol file for

(Andrew Scott) #2

What version of FMOD are you using?

(jiangli) #3

version : 1.09.01

I copy the last trace log at bugly, may be help:

02-21 14:05:42.840 17646 17807 I AudioTrack-JNI: audioTrack continuously zero data counter >= 10, send pause/stop state to pg, counter: 0
23302-21 14:05:43.033 17646 18920 E CrashReport: Failed to get java thread with thread name: FMOD mixer thre

(Andrew Scott) #4


I’ve attached a version of Android 1.09.01 with full debug symbols to your account “dwbclz2000”. The filename is “fmodstudioapi10901android_debug.tar.gz”. Please run with these debug libs and reproduce the crash and send us as much info as you can to


(ycy) #5

I’ve met then same problem, can you send me the debug symbols? version : 1.09.01 thx

(Andrew Scott) #6

@ycy please try latest version of FMOD, 1.09.06.

(ycy) #7

thx, i will try

(ycy) #8

I’ve tried latest version, but the same result:

FMOD mixer thread(23512)


1 #00 pc 0007e1d0 /data/app/xxx/lib/arm/ [armeabi-v7a::62d699f36e6ae15ac16c48a934364e70]