Crash on FMOD::InstrumentModel::id() Line 229. UE 4.27. Windows. 2.02.09


We have a crash based on our logs happen when we try to load a bank.
Here is the callstack:

[Inline Frame] fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::InstrumentModel::id() Line 229|C++|
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::EventInstance::notifyInstrumentStopped(const FMOD::InstrumentInstance * instrument) Line 2382|C++|
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::InstrumentInstanceManager::update(FMOD::ClockTime currentTime) Line 3842|C++|
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::EventInstance::update(float deltaSeconds) Line 655|C++|
[Inline Frame] fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::EventInstanceContainer::update(float) Line 192|C++|
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::PlaybackSystem::update(FMOD::TimeStamp * owningTimestamp, bool alreadyCachedClocks, FMOD::MasterBusModel * busModel) Line 1172|C++|
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::RuntimeAPI::Manager::update(FMOD::TimeStamp * owningTimestamp, bool cacheClocks) Line 256|C++|
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::AsyncManager::asyncProcessAndUpdate() Line 781|C++|
[Inline Frame] fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::AsyncManager::asyncThreadLoop() Line 810|C++|
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::AsyncManager::asyncThreadFunc(void * data) Line 825|C++|
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::Thread::callback(void * data) Line 142|C++|
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD_OS_Thread_Callback(void * param) Line 619|C++|
fmodstudioL.dll!thread_start<unsigned int (__cdecl*)(void *),1>(void * const parameter) Line 97|C++|

Do you have any idea what it might be causing it?

Best regards,

It’s not clear to me from this call stack what the actual crash is, but it seems to be that something is wrong with an instrument stopping on one of your events. Can you please collect a crash dump and upload it to your FMOD Profile?

Should now find UE4Minidump-FMOD-IM-L229.dmp uploaded on our profile.

Thank you for sending that over, it looks like there’s a direct call into a pure virtual function, which is what’s causing the crash. I have a few questions:

  1. How reproducible is this crash? Is it every time you load a specific bank or more rare / random?
  2. Are there any specific events playing at the time when this issue occurs?
  3. Are you connected to Live Update when this crash occurs?

It seems to be somewhat rare. I have had two reported cases during two weeks.
It looks to be related to loading a bank but doesn’t happen everytime.
There is a cutscene being played out and moving from one world to another.
Could out of memory be the issue? We currently have some issues with using up all memory.
We are not connected to Live Update.

Thank you for the additional information. A corrupted vtable could be related to running out of memory, but I wouldn’t expect it to crash in the same spot consistently if this is the issue. Was the other crash also inside FMOD::InstrumentModel::id?
I’m not sure there is much else to go off at this point. If you get any more crashes then please upload them to your FMOD Profile and I will compare them.

Sorry for the late reply.
The second crash was also FMOD::InstrumentModel::id.
Haven’t had it these few days but will keep our eyes open.