[Resolved] Crash trying to play event after reloading bank

fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::PlaylistInstance::getNextInstrument(FMOD::IDFMOD::InstrumentModel * instrumentID) Line 1924 C++
fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::PlaylistInstrumentState::scheduleInstrument(unsigned int localTime, unsigned int localEnd, unsigned int seek) Line 1636 C++
fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::MultiInstrumentStrategy::startHook(unsigned int time, unsigned int end, unsigned int seek, unsigned int scheduleDelay, bool loop) Line 2116 C++
fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::PlaylistInstrumentInstance::startHook(unsigned int time, unsigned int end, unsigned int seek, bool loop) Line 2531 C++
fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::InstrumentInstance::start(unsigned int parentClock, unsigned int time, unsigned int end, unsigned int seek, bool loop) Line 795 C++
fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::InstrumentInstanceManager::scheduleInstrument(FMOD::InstrumentModel * instrument, unsigned int time, unsigned int end, unsigned int seek, bool loopOverride, FMOD::InstrumentInstance * * instanceOut) Line 3506 C++
fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::EventInstance::incrementTriggerCount(FMOD::InstrumentTriggerState * state, const FMOD::Scheduler & scheduler) Line 6697 C++
fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::ParameterLayoutInstance::scheduleInstrument(const FMOD::IDFMOD::InstrumentModel & id) Line 5821 C++
fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::ParameterLayoutInstance::start() Line 5618 C++
fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::EventInstance::start() Line 6078 C++
fmodstudio.dll!FMOD::Studio::EventInstance::start() Line 3217 C++

0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000004.

It unloads the bank, loads it again, re-creates the EventDescription, and re-creates the EventInstance without error, but starting the new EventInstance crashes with the above callstack

I thought perhaps it would never be safe if I unloaded the master bank, so I optimized the reloading code to only reload banks that changed. It still crashes with the same callstack.

It only crashes if I have played an event from that bank at some point in the past however. If it was loaded but no event instances were created, and then unloaded/loaded it won’t crash.

This makes me think the bank is not unloading correctly.

Thanks for the report, this bug has been fixed for the next release.