Crash on Nintendo Switch when changing parameters

We have been facing this particular crash when using FMOD with Nintendo Switch. The crash is fairly reproducable and happens when we try to change some FMOD parameters dynamically through a trigger in the level. From the looks of it, FMOD is trying to read a file from an invalid memory location. Unfortunately there isn’t much else to go on.
There are multiple triggers placed in the level that change the parameters of an event. Sometimes the first few triggers work, but eventually the games ends up crashing when we hit any of the subsequent triggers.

In addition to this, there’s a periodic stutter (lag) in the audio that’s playing.

We’re using Unreal 4.23.1, FMOD 2.00.05, Nintendo SDK 9.3.1

Are you able to she the log file from game? There may be some information in it that could help to figure out the cause.