Parameter conditions cause crash?

for some reason a footstep event I’ve set up makes FMOD in UE4 crash, and we (that is, our coder and I) think that this problem is tied to the parameter conditions it uses since the crash doesn’t occur with other events.
The event has four tracks - run right, run left, walk right, walk left. On each of these tracks, there’s a multisound with a parameter condition to determine if the right foot or left foot sound is played, as well as a volume envelope to crossfade between run and walk sounds. Here’s a screenshot of the event:
For testing, we use two audio components on the character, one playing the event for the left foot with parameter 0 and the other playing the same event for the right foot with parameter 1. The crash doesn’t happen immediately, it can take a minute or two of walking around until the plugin fails an assert on the studio update call with error 28, and fmod api fails an assert in fmod_playback_event.cpp (line 1750) at ‘state->mInstanceCount > 0’.
Is there a more elegant way to implement a switch between right and left foot? Is this crash caused by a bug in the integration code or by another problem we did not consider?

Thanks in advance,

The UE4 integration shouldn’t crash so there is something going wrong there. Could you contact with some more details of your set up to help track it down?

In terms of your overall set up, is there a reason you didn’t just have your two audio components playing two different events, instead of them both playing one event that switches behaviour based on a parameter? You would only need 2 tracks per each event then, rather than the 4 you have at the moment.

We followed this up with support and that assert has already been fixed in the 1.05.07 release.