Crash when attempting to live edit

  1. create an empty event

  2. built banks, ran game, loaded event description. Playing this event description in this state succeeds, but is silent.

  3. connected to the game

  4. I modified the event while the game was connected (added a wav file that was on a network location)

  5. I then tried triggering it in the game and got this:

    ntdll.dll!_NtRaiseException@12() Unknown
    ntdll.dll!_KiUserExceptionDispatcher@8() Unknown

fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::InstrumentPreloadVisitor::visitWaveformInstrumentModel(FMOD::WaveformInstrumentModel * instrument) Line 1958 C++
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::WaveformInstrumentModel::accept(FMOD::InstrumentModelVisitor * visitor) Line 316 C++
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::TimelineInstance::preloadSounds() Line 3895 C++
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::EventInstance::preloadSoundData() Line 5848 C++
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::Studio::HandleFMOD::Studio::EventDescription::Impl::createInstance(FMOD::Studio::HandleFMOD::Studio::EventInstance::Impl * * impl) Line 1425 C++
fmodstudioL.dll!FMOD::Studio::EventDescription::createInstance(FMOD::Studio::EventInstance * instance) Line 2102 C++

Hi clevijoki,

Sending wave files across the network to the game is not supported by the LiveUpdate system. It is planned for the future but we don’t have a firm date yet. It shouldn’t crash so we will fix that, but this isn’t expected to work in the current version.