Event only plays with Live Update On

I’ve got a handful of events that I only hear when playing through our game with FMOD Live Update connected. They play upcut (the first bit of the cue is cut off), but they are audible. With Live Update off I don’t hear them at all. Any troubleshooting suggestions?

EDIT: It looks like just having Live Update on isn’t doing it, I have to be recording in Profiler. When I turned the Profiler off they weren’t audible anymore, turned Profiler back on and they returned (though still upcut).

FMOD version 1.10.6 with Unity integration, Unity version 2019.1.1f1.

That’s not something we’ve ever encountered before. Are you sure you have the latest banks loaded inside the Unity project? It sounds like you haven’t got the latest builds in your game and connecting to Live Update is bringing the event into the game then it could be brought in through the live update connection.