Creating an Event Folder - FMOD Javascript

Is there a way to create Event folders through JavaScript? I’m working off a script that parses .csv files and can’t figure out how to make a new folder using the API.

Things that I’ve tried:

  • Adding the path to the file name (“myFolder/myEvent”)
  • Searching for a “createfolder” method on studio.project.workspace.masterEventFolder
  • using studio.project.Create(“Folder”), but a folder isn’t an entity I guess.

As a more general question - is there an intellisense plugin for the JavaScript library? I tried to Console.Log a number of objects, but properties are not appearing in the FMOD Studio Console. If anyone has a preferred method of looking these up, let me know.


You can use myFolder = studio.project.create("EventFolder") to create a folder at the root of the events browser. You can then use myFolder.folder to assign it to any sub folders you want.

FMOD Studio 2.00 and later has auto-complete in the console that should help you with choosing valid functions. You can also use myFolder.dump() (or just dump() as a subfunction of any valid object) so see all valid functions and variables for that object.

Thank you, Richard! This is very helpful advice.