Fmod 2.02.15 can't create assetFolder in script

i use these code create assetFolder,but failed

var folder=studio.project.create("EncodableAsset");
folder.setAssetPath( "vo_test/");
folder.masterAssetFolder = studio.project.workspace.masterAssetFolder

Maybe it recognize “/” as part of folder names.

I used this code in FMOD 2.00.04 versions and it worked

Thanks for pointing this issue out - I’ve been able to reproduce it, and have passed it to the development team for further investigation. As a workaround, you may wish to try using studio.system.start() or studio.system.startAsync() to create a folder in the asset folder via the appropriate filesystem command, which should be get picked up by FMOD Studio’s asset browser.

I referred to this topic and successfully created the folder, but I still cannot import the folder.

My apologies - the folder will only be automatically added to the asset browser once it contains an audio file of some kind. Beyond that, I can’t offer any further workarounds.