Crossfading sequenced oneshots

I have a bunch of one shot sounds that I would like to have sequenced in a loop. While they play, I would like the next sound that plays to overlap the previous one. I can sort of achieve this currently using a scatterer and limiting the polyphony to 2, setting the stealing to none and the random delay time to 1.5 secs min and max. The problem is not all of these sounds are 1.75 seconds long, so the shorter one cause a gap.

Is there a better way for me to achieve this? I effectively want a playlist of one shots that allows for an percentage of overlap while it plays, regardless of the length of the sounds.


One way to do this is to use a looping asynchronous multi instrument whose playlist contains event instruments, and for each of those event instruments to contain an asynchronous single instrument that’s shorter than the audio file it plays.

When an event instrument is playing inside a looping multi instrument, the multi instrument will select a new item to play when the event instrument reaches the end of its timeline, not when the event instrument stops playing content. This means that if you create a nested event that continues to play the tail of its content after the timeline playback position has left the rightmost instrument or marker on that nested event’s timeline, the tail of that nested event will continue to play while the next item in the parent event’s multi instrument’s playlist starts playing.

We are planning to change this behavior, and introduce an easier method of playing the tail of an audio file in a playlist, in a future major versions of FMOD Studio, but for now the above method should work.

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This is something that I’m currently looking to do myself, It’s 2 years later I know, But is there any updates as to how this would be done in a less convoluted way? (I’m doing it with over 60 files per character, and the setup is killing me)

I’m afraid not… But it may be a way to make a script to automatically set those nested events at the right size.