Cue Fmod Event to play on next bar / beat

Hi there,

Within blueprints, I want to cue an fmod event with a key press input and then have it wait to play on the next beat or bar.

I’m using ‘On Timeline Beat’ to extract the beat events. I just need to make sure I’m not triggering anything midway through a beat or bar.

I’m sure there must be a simple answer to this but I’m kind of stumped?
Any pointers would be much appreciated!

There is no “global timeline” for your project. Instead, each event instance has its own internal timeline that it uses for synchronization.

Because of this, if you want to synchronize one event instance to start on a specific beat or bar of another event instance, you must create the former event instance by using an event instrument or command instrument in the latter event instance

Thanks for your reply Joseph.

I’m aware that I need to load an fmod event before receiving my bpm info - my loading system takes this into account and doesn’t currently require a global timeline to work.

What I’m looking for however is a blueprint solution for cueing the event. I need the player to press a key and for the event not to fire until the next beat or bar.

In that case, have your blueprint set a parameter that triggers an instrument in the event whose timeline you’re using. In FMOD Studio, select that instrument, expand its trigger behavior drawer, and set its quantization interval to the appropriate beat or bar value.