Is this possible?

Hello all, I’ve only just installed both UE4 and FMOD a day ago and what I want to achieve is the triggering of events in UE4 such as a box moving when a sound is played. Specifically I want to make music videos that react to sound rather then sound reacting to interaction with shapes or objects.

An example would be to have a drum beat that plays and upon every audio signal that goes by in time an object will jump or slide etc. is this even possible with or without Fmod? I’ve manage to do it in blender but have yet to dive into that program and UE4 seems a lot more creation ready with the included assets.

Yes, you can hook up blueprint actions to occur on the beat or when the event hits named markers on the timeline. Please see this page for more info:

So in the case of something jumping to the beat of music, then make sure you have a tempo marker on the event, and follow the above instructions to hook up blueprint actions to occur when you want.

If instead you want to have an action that depends on the intensity of the sound, then you can do that as well. In that case you’ll want to create a parameter on your event, and add a sidechain to it. The parameter will change depending on the volume of the sound driving it. Once that is set up, you can use blueprints to query the parameter value and do some logic based on that.