Custom player naming reflected in programmer instruments playing sounds

Hi All,

This is more of a curiosity rather than a requirement. I have been using FMOD studio in Unity for a few months and have found it really handy for being able to programmatically trigger Barks and other sounds around my game and for having programmatically generated sequences be pushed to queues etc which has been really handy for setting up conversations and sets of events without needing to generate a separate event for each part (using programmer instruments).

My question here is, if I wanted to set up a conversation I could use the common call back method and sequentially name my files in a table and iterate through each one after the previous file completes. This works really well. In an world I would also be able to do replace a small section of the sound with a variable part. e.g. a conversation where the player is addressed by name to allow the name to be variable, currently I would have to have a set of entries in the table for names and play the player name as a separate instance when needed.

I assume the only way of doing it would be to record the audio with every name available to the player?

If anyone understands what I am babbling about or if they have encountered a similar solution or created a way around this it would be appreciated!

Many thanks


You would need to have audio data for each name you want to be able to use, yes - this could be done by recording audio for each name or generating the audio at run time (i.e. through a custom FMOD plugin, or 3rd party means), but fundamentally the audio data does need to exist.

As for how you go about playing the audio for each name, the specifics of how you do so will depend on what your project needs, but the typical programmer instruments method of using an event callback would be my recommendation. If needed, you could add more complex behaviors by adding logic that effects the transition or timing of the programmer instrument to your event instead of creating an instance.

If you have any further questions or thoughts, feel free to let me know.