Defining an external Parameter controller pp124

I’m following the tutorial on page 124 of the FMOD Studio User Manual. It’s titled:

Creating a Higher Level Parameter Controller

I created the nested event with a few parameters, when I go back to the parent I can see the parameter controllers created titled the same as the nested parameters. However the parameter controllers in the parent don’t seem to change the parameters in the linked nested event?!?

Has anyone else tried this tutorial, how is it meant to behave?

(I’ve taken a screen shot but I can’t see a way to upload it to this ticket)

The behaviour you’ve observed is Studio working as-designed.

Multiple instances of an event can exist at any given time, and the values of event parameters can vary from one instance of an event to another. Different sound modules referencing the same event can specify different parameter values for the event instances it creates, and additional instances of an event can also be triggered directly from your game’s code. There is simply no way for us to tell which specific instance of an event you would like Studio to display at any given time; So, we instead display a unique instance for the purposes of auditioning.

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So what does it mean when the manual says this on page 126:

“This is a Parameter Automation Track and it can be used to control the
Parameter of the nested event.”

I change ‘parameter 1’ in the parent event (using automation like described) but the nested event ‘parameter 1’ isn’t changing (I have it open in another window to check). I find it confusing. You’d expect the parent control to change the child control in real-time. It knows it’s a child event as it’s supposedly ‘linked’.

Is there another tutorial or more literature on this elsewhere you could recommend? I’m obviously completely missing the point.

The parent does change the child in real time - it’s just that you’re not viewing the child when you look at the nested event in the event editor; It’s a separate instance of the same event. That line in the manual describes the function of the automation track created during that step: It controls the parameter value of all instances of the nested event created by that event reference sound module.

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