Inner Event param is not being effected in fmod studio

Changing a parameter on the parent event is not effecting the inner event.

FMOD 2.01.07

The (local) parameter does share it’s value with the child event, but it seems to be a bug in a specific case: if the nested event uses the parameter to conditionally trigger some instruments at the beginning of it’s own timeline, that parameter value isn’t updated during the triggering of that nested event, from the parent event. The parameter condition should also be set to one unique discrete value. Is that the way you’re using the parameter?

EDIT: just moving the nested event seems to resolve the problem

In fact I don’t know all the exact conditions, but here’s the bug. Simply changing the event length, or moving it on the timeline, resolves the problem.

It looks like this particular issue might have been resolved in an update. Could you please upgrade to FMOD Studio 2.01.10 and see if the same issue persists?

I did the video with FMOD Studio 2.02.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately in my case neither moving the event to the right nor resizing didn’t help. I’ve tried 2.01.10 with no luck. However, I’ve found the solution which seems kinda odd but works. I’ve added the parameter sheet to the nested event and it works this way.

Yep, I’m able to replicate the bug also with a volume automation (and the workaround also) - and in 2.02.

Thank you for the additional information. I was able to replicate it on our machines. I’ve raised a bug report to be looked at for a future release. Unfortunately I’m not able to find another workaround than what has already been mentioned - moving or resizing the event instrument.