Definitive list of FMOD DSP effects?

Am looking at ways of treating audio in real time in fmod, and although I’ve seen some hints at ways to integrate VST plugins etc, I’m wondering where I might find a list of native DSP FX that are ready to go within fmod?

I have a wishlist of effects:
Bitcrusher, Lowpass Filter, Formant shifter, time stretching…

I imagine the bitcrushing and lowpass effects might be ready to go with something built into fmod already, but the formant shifter might need its own vst…?

Thanks for your input.

=) Andrew

Hi Andrew,

Here is a list of all DSPs available out-of-the-box with FMOD Studio:

We don’t have a bitcrusher, formant shifter, or time stretching effects in FMOD Studio currently. You are able to create your own by using our DSP API.

It is possible to use .dll VST effect plugins (not VST instruments) with FMOD, but compatibility, performance, and whether it actually works or not is down to the individual VSTs and how they were built. You can load them the same way as other VSTs.


Thank you!! =)