Dynamic EQ in Fmod Studio


Just in case I’m missing something, there isn’t any Dynamic EQ effect avaiable on Fmod Studio, right?
Would someone know such a plugin?
If not, I’ll try to use a free VST such as TDR Nova | Tokyo Dawn Records to make my own plugin, but I have to admit I’m a bit scared of the process!

(For the context: A lot of parts in my game’s soundtrack are a bit painful to the ears because of some high frequencies. Redoing all of them is not a possibility right now, and using something like the multiband EQ affects other correct parts of the stroundtrack, so after some research I came to the conclusion that a dynamic EQ would be what I need!)


There is no prebuilt dynamic EQ plugin but you could build one yourself with sidechain modulation on each band required of the multiband EQ. It won’t be as sophisticated as a standalone custom plugin but it might do the job good enough for what you need.

Whilst it is possible to load a VST using the Core API, this is not portable to other platforms nor guaranteed to work. I would recommend using the above solution to achieve your goals.



Thank you very much, I’ll have a look in that direction!