Deleting effects on a Return bus?

Return Bus Screenshot

Why isn’t it possible to delete effects on a Return bus in the Mixer view? If I want to remove an effect from the Return bus, is bypassing it my only option? There has to be something I’m missing here, any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s entirely possible to delete effects on a return! You’re even going about it the right way. The screenshot you’ve taken just happens to be the only exception to the general rule: You can’t delete the Reverb effect from the “Reverb” return that every project has by default. Any other effect can be deleted freely, and the Reverb effect can be deleted just as easily on a different return.

There’s legacy reasons why every project has an undeleteable return called “Reverb” that has an undeleteable Reverb effect, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it: You can simply create a new return bus, name it something like “Reverb2”, and have all the events in your project send to that return instead of to “Reverb.” (You can replace the send in your events by bulk editing their master tracks; Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can just place a pre-reverb pre-fader send on the “Reverb” return that sends to the “Reverb2” return, and set the fader of “Reverb” to -oo dB.) Once you’ve done that, you can customise “Reverb2” with whatever effects you like.

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Ok, I see I can delete other effects on the default Return track, buuut I’ve accidently copied and pasted the reverb effect on the same return track, and I can’t delete that one either. I can bypass it but will this unnecessary effect affect my build size?