Multiple Reverb Busses

Is it not possible to create more than the one default global reverb bus? I’ve read things about this within FMOD’s in-engine SDK but it seems impossible to add an additional bus in FMOD Studio. This seems like it should be a totally common practice. I am aware that it is possible to greate reverb zones in-engine that trigger reverb setting changes. I don’t want that. I want to be able to fade in and out among convolution reverbs on a global level.

Hello Lance,

Can you please let me know what you mean by a default global bus?

In FMOD Studio you can create any number of return buses that you need and use these. The “Reverb” return bus that is present in all new FMOD Studio projects is just a standard return bus with a reverb effect module. You can freely delete, replace, and edit this return bus.

If you are using FMOD Studio 1.08.07 or earlier, newly created events have a send to the aforementioned “Reverb” return bus automatically attached to their Master Tracks. Again, these sends are no different sends added manually, and you can freely replace or supplement them with additional sends as required by your project. In later versions of FMOD Studio, sends are not attached to new events by default.

If you’re using the low-level API, you can use System::Reverb3D or System::Geometry to create reverb zones, however you won’t be able to use convolution reverbs with these.

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By global I mean NOT a track “A Return”. Yes, I’m talking about a return bus. How do you create one? I can’t find this info anywhere other than people mentioning it’s possible.

Hi Lance,

You can create return buses by opening the Mixer (Window > Mixer) and right clicking into the Routing list and choosing “New Return”. In this return you can add a convolution reverb effect with the settings of your choosing.

You can now choose Add Send > To Mixing Desk and click your new return bus on the Master Track of your event.

There is a Getting Started Guide and a User Manual provided with FMOD Studio that you can access under the Help menu. These contain more information on creating and using return buses.


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