Deployment for Android in UE 4.11


how can I package project with FMOD plugin for Android in UE 4.11?

This documentation is outdated:

In UE 4.11 CopyPluginLibs function in UEDeployAndroid.cs doesn’t exist…


OK, it works but why FMOD doesn’t use new APL introduced in UE 4.10? It provides copying files so we don’t longer need to edit UEDeployAndroid.cs

I’ve just been looking at this exact thing. The next patch release will use the APL which means no more recompiling the engine to deploy Android.

If you want to get it right now, I’ve also pushed up the changes into our github account here:

The changes are in the and the APL xml files.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work :frowning: What I see it copies fmod.jar file but doesn’t copy .so files:

I should have mentioned, the next release will also move those .so files into a subdirectory with the architecture name, so you should move them from Binaries\Android to Binaries\Android\armeabi-v7a

The current release supports APL, so deployment should just work without needing to rebuild the engine any more!

Hey Geoff. I followed the new instructions with UE 4.11.2 (launcher version) and Fmod 1.8.04.
I copied the plugin in a Plugins folder inside my game folder. But nothing happened. Fmod works but not the deployment.
No Android binaries were built in the FmodStudio in plugins.

Am I missing a huge thing?

I can see from this post that you got it up and running:

In general though, to track down issues, look for FMOD log messages when you build for Android. You can verify that the fmod .so files are going into the right place:


Also the APK should add FMOD snippets to the Game Activity:


When launching, use logcat to look for FMOD sucessfully loading libraries at startup, and then loading banks. Remember that it tries to load banks from Content\FMOD\Mobile so export for mobile platform first.