Destination Marker Sequential Labelling in 2.0

I’ve noticed in the new version of fmod that if I copy marker “A”, it pastes it as “B”, similarly “A1” becomes “A1 B”, etc.
Is there a way to turn off this automatic sequential labelling? At the moment I have to go through and edit every single one of my markers manually.

I didn’t find an option to do this, but you can easily use a script to batch rename markers (had the same problem a few days ago).

  1. Add a scripts folder to your project in explorer/finder and create a new .js file.

  2. Add this code to the file:{
name: “Scripts\RenameMarkers”,
isEnabled: function () {
var markers = studio.window.editorSelection();
return markers

execute: function () {
    var markers = studio.window.editorSelection();

    var markerName = studio.system.getText("Marker Name", "");

    for (i = 0; i < markers.length; i++) {
        markers[i].name = markerName


  1. Reload your scripts by clicking on Scripts->Reload (Menu)

  2. Select the markers you want to rename.

  3. Run the script by clicking on Scripts->Scripts->RenameMarkers (Menu), insert your desired name in the pop up, click okay and your markers should be renamed.

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Thanks so much for your help - much appreciated :slight_smile:

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