Disable auto-incrementing marker names? (FMOD 2.02.03)


I have a use case where I’m having to place identical markers along tracks in a project.

ie: I want to be able to paste “Marker” and for it to just say “Marker” again rather than “Marker B”

Is there a way to disable the auto-incrementation of marker names or am I doomed to manually renaming each marker to the same thing? (it’s fine, doable, just not as efficient as I like…)

There is currently no way to disable marker name automatic incrementing.

That being said, you may be able to work around this issue (or at least reduce the amount of repetitive gruntwork involved) by using FMOD Studio scripts to create markers with whatever names you want.

As a workaround, I would rename the markers with a script, as joseph said.
Here is a script I wrote last year when I needed that feature: Bulk rename Markers in FMOD Studio – Alessandro Famà